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TarMAX™ 'Prefabricated asphalt flooring' is a safety innovation that makes complicated driveway and road asphalt application a thing of the past. This is an easy to use method that does not require large and heavy machineries. JUST PEEL AND LAY IT ON THE SURFACE INSTANTLY

Complications of Asphalt applications

Asphalt slope and road repair requires the process of melting asphalt into a liquid or weakening and mixing it with crushed stone before using force and pressure to applying it on the surface. This is a complicated procedure because it requires both a large area as well as large machineries. Despite the development of bag-type asphalt mixes for convenience of use (for small area and surface repairs) there are still many limitations, such as the need to use a lot of force and pressure to grind and smooth the material in order to apply. Period of 2-3 days needed to leave the asphalt in order to stabilize and reduce the odor disturbance.

Advantages of TarMAX™

    TarMAX™ 'Prefabricated asphalt flooring' is an innovation of surface covering that is outstanding in its features and ease of use which is in line with the modern consumer lifestyles of popular D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) product structure. The structure has 3 layers. The upper layer which is the asphalt-gravel which is outstanding in its waterproofing, friction and load-bearing capabilities. The middle layer is a layer with fiber mesh that helps increase flexibility and reinforcements to prevent tearing and maintain the shape of the asphalt slab. The lower layer is asphalt that has been specially formulated to create adhesion force on various surfaces and complete coverage making it easy to use without the need for adhesives or adhesives like general sealants.

    TarMAX™ 'Prefabricated asphalt flooring’ can be designed to have a variety of sizes and thickness according to surface characteristics and purpose of use. But in general, the standard size is set at 50x50 and 50x100 centimeters and can be ordered as special order as 1.2 meters width and 10 meters in length with thickness ranging from 5-30 millimeters for easy installation and transportation. With selling price around 290 - 490 baht per square meter depending on the characteristics and thickness of the product it is similar pricing to regular ceramic tiles.