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NEOBath™ prefab bathroom units are constructed using Crystal Krete™ (our proprietary innovative concrete formula) and through an advanced manufacturing process. Crystal Krete™ is superior in strength to regular concrete, it's lightweight, flexible and has minimal water absorption ratio.

Advantages of prefabricated concrete bathrooms

High quality, durable, non-water permeable (single cast)

Advanced material and manufacturing techniques

High strength, lightweight and easy to transport

Easy to install, save time and costs

All responsibilities for the wet area are consolidated at one party, removing errors due to lack of coordination

Pipes and cables run between the unit shell and the building structure eliminating the need for chisel walls

Construction site benefits

Shorten schedule time

Better site management

Reduce waste

Save labor cost

Prefabricated bathroom units can yield both time and manpower savings up to 60%

47% superior sound insulation than AAC/CLC and clay bricks

Fire resistance for more than 4 hours

25% lighter than clay bricks (per square meter)

10 times stronger than AAC/CLC

Low water absorption and reduction of fungi growth on walls

Effective heat dissipation through the principal of passive cooling resulting in higher energy savings

Quick & easy installation with ‘Link N Lock’ technology

Manufactured according to TIS standards

No special plaster or skilled labor required

Environmental complaint and eco-friendly