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Elastic Stone™ A unique stone finishing material created with Patented Technology. Available in different design and stone types. All ingredients for production - natural, no synthetics or chemicals!! A Truly GREEN PRODUCT! Is designed to fully reflect the costly effects of exterior and interior decoration of walls, ceilings, cornices, columns and other complex elements with natural stone and wood. Multi-layer material, face layer consists of natural stone marble, right under it a Patented Technology. Easily bent to 180 degrees, allowing you to install it on angular or radial surfaces.

Elastic Stone

Lightweight – 2-2.5 kg/Sqm

Design Prep. – No special calculations needed

Installation – Quick and Easy

Safety – There is no danger in case a piece comes loose

Impregnability – Endures all weather conditions and ground movements

Transport & Storage – Light and Thin. Easy to transport and store large quantities

All the final properties of "Elastic Stone" are acquired only after installation on any surface with the usual glue for ceramic tiles at a rate of about 2.5 kg per sq. m.