ICM Technology manufactures and provides cutting-edge construction materials and
nanomaterial products. With unsurpassed energy efficiency, our product line has been developed
to meet all requirements of the modern day construction. Our high quality, yet cost effective
concrete and nanomaterial products use a unique patented technology that helps
reduce construction time and keeps costs low. ICM Tech products yields
high-quality constructions with unique energy saving properties.
To improve infrastructure through meaningful innovations. Continuous emphasis on meeting the needs of our clients, without losing sight of value, environment, and society. To foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration, and trust.
We believe that putting our Values into practice creates long-term benefits for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these Values.
  • We take responsibilities for QUALITY
  • We deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction
  • We provide LEADERSHIP as a company and as individuals
  • We act with INTEGRITY in all we do
  • We regard our SUPPLIERS as essential team members
Our primary mission is to advance the frontiers of Construction experience and enrich and elevate the citizens of Thailand, ASEAN, and the World. To conduct ourselves with integrity and live up to our company values. To contribute towards the growth of an increasingly discerning market and industry, and achieving customer satisfaction not only for outstanding workmanship, but also for quality, concept functionality, and style.
ICM Technology provides a wide range of regular and specialized concrete construction materials & products that can suit every customer’s specifications and requirements. Our products can help save construction and labor costs so your budget stays on target.
  • NEOBlock™ Insulated Concrete Blocks; Customizable strength, LINK N LOCK℗ technology .
  • NEOBath™ Pre-fabricated Bathrooms that can be custom built to your specifications.
  • NEOBath™ NEOFence™ Pre-fabricated Fences that can be custom built to your specifications.
  • NEOWall™ Pre-fabricated Wall Panels that can be custom built to your specifications.
  • Crystal Krete™ for easy mold injection or customized ready mixtures.
  • ICM Mobile Mixers for continuous onsite operation (Saves time, reduced costs and customizable)
  • NanoPhos™℗ Nano-technology for concrete treatment products, installation/application services.
  • ICM Innovative Energy efficient and construction solutions.
ICM Technology spent more than 10 years of extensive research and development to create a new breed of exclusive, patented concrete. We have developed our own manufacturing facility to ensure the entire production process meets the highest international quality standards.
Our production line is fully automated and uses highly effective precision technology to yield a product line that surpasses the levels of competing products.
We also cooperate with leading Universities and have our own in-house Research and Development lab.
NEOBlock™ use specifically designed LINK N LOCK℗ (interlock) technology that allows for unparalleled strength and quick installation that requires no special skills. The brick’s hollow design achieves enhanced insulation against heat and noise; room for internal wiring and plumping allows for a clean and uniform finished look. It is the most energy efficient blocks you can find in the market today.

  • Easy Installation
  • Quality results without the need for a skilled craftsman
  • Can be cut, nailed, sawed and drilled
  • Very low water absorption gives highly effective mold and fungus resistance
  • Excellent insulation against heat and cold, very energy efficient
  • Smooth and uniform finish
  • Minimal plastering job

Key success of NEOBlock™
  • Superior Properties
  • Higher Compressive Strength
  • Superior Heat and Sound Insulation
Quick & Easy installation
  • Link N Lock℗ Technology (Interlocking on all four sides)
  • No skilled labor needed (Minimal leveling required)
  • Minimal joint mortar and plaster required (13-30% more savings)
Eco-friendly product
  • Low Energy consumption
  • Less pollution in manufacturing

Energy Saving Eco-Friendly Homes

Price Comparison and Installation Speed

Properties Comparison Table

Advantages of NEOBlock™ over AAC, CLC, and Clay Bricks;
  • Energy saving: 15-20% more than other bricks in terms of insulation
  • Compressive Strength: 10 times superior than AAC/CLC and Clay Bricks
  • Installation Speed: 80% quicker installation than AAC/CLC and 3 times faster than Clay Bricks
  • Fire Rating: More than 4 Hours
  • Sound Insulation (STC Rate): 47% higher sound insulation
  • Water Absorption: 10 times lower water absorption properties than AAC/CLC
  • Function and Ease of Use: Link N Lock℗ Technology allows for easy, quick and uniformed installation (each piece fits like a jigsaw) without the need for skilled labour. Superior strength and durability

  • 47% Superior Sound insulation than AAC/CLC and Clay Bricks
  • Fire Resistance for more than 4 hours
  • 25% Lighter than Clay Bricks (Per Square Meter)
  • 10 times stronger than AAC/CLC
  • Low Water Absorption. Reduction of fungi growth on walls
  • Effective Heat Dissipation through the principal of passive cooling resulting in higher energy savings
  • Quick & Easy Installation with LINK N LOCK℗ Technology
  • Manufactured according to TIS standards
  • No Special Plaster or Skilled labour required
  • Environmental Complaint / Eco-Friendly
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NEOBaths™ are constructed with our innovative concrete formula (Crystal Krete™) using an advance manufacturing process. Crystal Krete™ is superior in strength, is lightweight, flexible and has very low water absorption ratio.
Advantages of Prefabricated Concrete Bathroom
  • High quality, durable, non-water permeable (Single Cast)
  • Advanced material and manufacturing techniques
  • High strength, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Easy to Install, saves time and costs
  • All responsibilities for the wet area consolidated at one party, removing errors due to lack of coordination
  • Pipes and cables run between the unit shell and the building structure eliminating the need to chisel walls
Construction site benefits
  • Shorten schedule time
  • Better site management
  • Reduce waste
  • Save labor cost
  • Prefabricated bathroom units can yield both time and manpower savings up to 60%

  • 47% Superior Sound insulation than AAC/CLC and Clay Bricks
  • Fire Resistance for more than 4 hours
  • 25% Lighter than Clay Bricks (Per Square Meter)
  • 10 times stronger than AAC/CLC
  • Low Water Absorption. Reduction of fungi growth on walls
  • Effective Heat Dissipation through the principal of passive cooling resulting in higher energy savings
  • Quick & Easy Installation with LINK N LOCK℗ Technology
  • Manufactured according to TIS standards
  • No Special Plaster or Skilled labour required
  • Environmental Complaint / Eco-Friendly
NEOWall™ are lightweight wall panels that are constructed out of our innovative Crystal Krete™ formula that is easily injected into precast concrete moulds. The panels are specially designed for passive cooling lowering interior room temperatures due to its built-in air corridors inside the wall.

Advantages of NEOWall™ Panels
  • Insulates up to 90-95% of outside heat from flowing into the interior of construction
  • Built-in air corridors inside the wall panels transfers heat from the building. This design shifts hot air from the corridors to the outside, keeping the inside of the building cool
  • Keeps the inside temperature 3-5 degrees Celsius lower than traditional designs
  • Uses principle of natural heat transfer and passive cooling

Customized Panels with finished surface

  • Approximate weight is 80-90 kg/m2
  • Wall Panel Size: 60cm (W) x 2.40m (L) x 9.5cm (H)

  • 47% Superior Sound insulation than AAC/CLC and Clay Bricks
  • Fire Resistance for more than 4 hours
  • 25% Lighter than Clay Bricks (Per Square Meter)
  • 10 times stronger than AAC/CLC
  • Low Water Absorption. Reduction of fungi growth on walls
  • Effective Heat Dissipation through the principal of passive cooling resulting in higher energy savings
  • Quick & Easy Installation with LINK N LOCK℗ Technology
  • Manufactured according to TIS standards
  • No Special Plaster or Skilled labour required
  • Environmental Complaint / Eco-Friendly
Crystal Krete™ is an innovative, customizable concrete formula with outstanding capabilities created by ICM that induces a crystallization composition that improves the adhesion properties, and creates a more homogenous concrete mass. This process allows us to configure customizable variations and features of the concrete mass to suit specific applications.

  • High compressive strength
  • Light in weight
  • Adaptable density and flexibility
  • Very low water absorption rate suitable for humid conditions

(Example; Density of 1700 g/cm3 will yield a strength of 240 kg/cm2)

Applications for Crystal Krete™: NEOBath™ NEOWall™
Comparison of Crystal Krete™ Vs Regular Concrete (Ready-Mix)
Crystal Krete™ (Ready-Mix)
  • Customizable formulation and composite structure according to customer’s requirements
  • High fluidity
  • Smooth surface with higher strength
  • Light-weight with insulation properties
  • Low water absorption rate
  • Minimal damage/cracks due to the shock resistant crystal adhesion mass structure
  • Easy to inject and mold with thickness as low as 1.5cm due to the stability, strength and flexibility of the concrete mass
  • Reduced labor cost and construction time
Regular Concrete (Ready-Mix)
  • Limitations to formulation and composite structure design
  • Low flow rates (concrete vibrators needed)
  • Surface not smooth and lower strength
  • Heavy with low insulation properties
  • Higher water absorption rate
  • Easy to crack and damage. Less adhesion of concrete mass.
  • Not easy to inject/mold due to low stability and flexibility of the concrete mass structure. (Thin molds not possible)
  • Higher Labor cost and construction time
ICM Mobile Mixer Vs Ready Mixed Concrete
ICM Mobile Mixer
  • Continuous operation, convenient and saves time.
  • Fresh concrete at construction site, so no loss of quality.
  • Reduced transport charges.
  • More accurate determination of quantity.
  • Less Debris and waste.
  • Can set various formulations at construction site.
  • Customizable strength that is unrelated to density up to 400kg/cm2 according to customer’s specifications
(Example: Density 1700 g/cm3 = Strength 240/cm2)
Regular Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Logistic challenge due to distance & time of transportation
  • Loss of quality during transit
  • High transportation costs
  • Hard to determine correct quantity, resulting in more debris and waste.
  • Cannot change formulations once ordered.
  • Non-customizable density and strength
(Example: Density 2400g/cm3 = Strength 240kg/cm2)
We provide leading nanotechnology concrete treatment products that give solutions to everyday problems. They come in a wide range of water proofing, self-cleaning and restoration products to suit all types concrete, stones, woods and metal surfaces. Our products harness the power of nanotechnology, that has been extensively researched and has been proven to add functionality and energy efficiency in all building and construction projects.

  • Save money
  • Conserve energy
  • Help protect from weather damage
  • Environmentally friendly
Nanotechnology for cement surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco and natural or artificial stones.

Key Benefits:
  • Most Effective & Nano Based
  • High Breathability
  • Not Film Forming, Invisible
  • Long Lasting & UV Resistant
  • Easy Application on Surface or mixed in mortar
  • Water based
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Walls & Basements
  • Rooftop Water-proofing
  • Render & Stucco Protection
  • Mold Growth Prevention
  • Efflorescence Prevention
  • Tile Grout Sealing
  • Negative Pressure Relief
  • Rising Damp Protection
  • Cracking prevention
Water stain and damage of stone is preventable by applying SurfaPore C in the cement floor before laying the stones can help prevent moisture from beneath. SurfaPore T prevents moisture of the stone surface and grout area. Can be applied after installation of stones or you can dip the stones in SurfaPore T.
Example: Before & After




Pebble Washed

Concrete Casting
SurfaPoreC can block the tunnels better than conventional products.

Cleans and Prevents
Mould Growth & Bacteria

  • Prevents the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and mould
  • Broad action spectrum, includes fungal spores
  • Complete preservation/disinfection
  • Long-lasting action
  • Does not change the appearance of the application surface
  • Easy application
  • Water-based formulation, No solvents (Low VOC)
  • Environmentally friendly, Cost-Effective

Corrosion protection and
metal surface pretreatment
for paint adhesion.

Applicable on carbon steel, cast iron, galvanized (zinc plated) steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys

  • Hinders corrosive action and inhibits rust formation (up to 10 times), even in extreme environments (e.g. marine, high temperature)
  • Extends metal lifetime
  • Promotes the adhesion of paints and coatings
  • Application by dipping, brush or spraying
  • No need for heat treatment
  • Water-based (Low VOC)
  • Cost-Effective

Triple Action:
  1. Reflects Thermal Radiation
  2. Blocks Heat Transfer
  3. Waterproofs
Physical Properties
Milky White, aqueous emulsion. pH is approximately 7.1 Boiling point, Flash and Auto-ignition Point: >100°C Density: 0.55 g.cm-3. This product is not an oxidative or corrosive agent.
SurfaShield® C for Porous Surfaces
Self-Cleaning and continuous protection of porous building
surfaces such as cement, stones, walls and grout
Key Benefits:
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Self-Sterilizing
  • Super hydrophilic
  • Decomposes Odors
  • Air purifier
  • Continuous Action
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning technology
  • Self-Cleaning of Walls
  • Protection from mould growth and organic stains
  • Stone and Monument Protection
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Prevents pollutant adhesion
  • Decomposes Pollutants
  • Bacterial Growth Inhibition
  • Exhaust Gas Break-Down
SurfaShield® G for Glass
Water Based nanotechnology suspension for
Self-Cleaning and Anti-Fogging Glass
Key Benefits:
  • Direct Application without a heat treatment process
  • Self Cleaning
  • Antifogging
  • Self Sterilizing
  • Superhydrophilic
  • Decomposes Odours & Air purification
  • Continuous Action
  • Transparent coating
  • Environmental restoration
Self-Cleaning for windows and mirrors
  • Protection from organic stains
  • Prevents dust and mud formation
  • Decomposes pollutants and protects the environment
  • Bacterial & Fungal Growth Inhibition
  • Exhaust Gas Break-Down
SurfaShield® G for Glass
Prevent and eliminate impurities that occur on the solar panel. Improves power conversion efficiency resulting in increased revenue.
(Heat Insulation Glass Coating)
GLC for Windows is a transparent film coating that can help reduce solar heat radiation penetration through glass windows. It’s designed to help improve the cooling performance and energy efficiency of buildings by stopping heat from entering or exiting through glass windows. It’s perfect in all climates, making it ideal for natural light to flow through the buildings environment which is perfect for energy efficiency needs. GLC will also protect the occupants from ultraviolet light which prevents sun fading of fixtures, carpeting and interiors.
How does solar energy affect glass?

The process of solar heat radiation energy transfer from the sun through glass objects affects it in the following ways;
  • 1. Reflectance
  • 2. Absorption
  • 3. Transmittance

Types of commercial insulating window products available in the market;

Heat Insulation & Energy Efficient Material: GLC

Transparent film coating can reduce sunray penetration through the glass. GLC can help making any room or office more comfortable and energy efficient.

  • 1. Improve the cooling performance by cutting heat from direct sunlight through windows.
  • 2. Blocks ultraviolet light and prevents sun fading, color changes and degradations.
  • 3. Reduce energy loss when using heaters by insulating windows.
Reduced Ultraviolet & Near-Infrared Light: GLC

  • Clear
  • Visible Light Transmission (85%)
  • Infrared Block Rate (>50%)
  • Accelerated Weather Test: SWOM 2000
MTEC Lab Analysis and Testing: GLC

NEOFence™ are designed to conceal your yard from neighbors, passersby and may also lend a decorative element to your landscape. NEOFence™ are prefabricated concrete fences that are quick and easy to install. They are available in several designs and styles that are cost effective.

Product information coming soon…
Product information coming soon…
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