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NEOWall™ are lightweight wall panels that are constructed out of our innovative Crystal Krete™ formula that is easily injected into precast concrete moulds. The panels are specially designed for passive cooling lowering interior room temperatures due to its built-in air corridors inside the wall.
Advantages of NEOWall™ Panels
  • Insulates up to 90-95% of outside heat from flowing into the interior of construction
  • Built-in air corridors inside the wall panels transfers heat from the building.
  • This design shifts hot air from the corridors to the outside, keeping the inside of the building cool
  • Keeps the inside temperature 3-5 degrees Celsius lower than traditional designs
  • Uses principle of natural heat transfer and passive cooling
  • Approximate weight is 80-90 kg/m2
  • Wall Panel Size: 60cm (W) x 2.40m (L) x 9.5cm (H)
Construction site benefits
  • 47% Superior Sound insulation than AAC/CLC and Clay Bricks
  • Fire Resistance for more than 4 hours
  • 25% Lighter than Clay Bricks (Per Square Meter)
  • 10 times stronger than AAC/CLC
  • Low Water Absorption. Reduction of fungi growth on walls
  • Effective Heat Dissipation through the principal of passive cooling resulting in higher energy savings
  • Quick & Easy Installation with LINK N LOCK Technology
  • Manufactured according to TIS standards
  • No Special Plaster or Skilled labour required
  • Environmental Complaint / Eco-Friendly