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ICM Mobile Mixer VS Ready Mixer Concrete
ICM Mobile Mixer
  • Continuous operation, convenient and saves time.
  • Fresh concrete at construction site, so no loss of quality.
  • Reduced transport charges.
  • More accurate determination of quantity.
  • Less Debris and waste.
  • Can set various formulations at construction site.
  • Customizable strength that is unrelated to density up to 400 kg/cm2 according to customer’s specifications (Example: Density 1700 g/cm3 = Strength 240 kg/cm2)
Regular Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Logistic challenge due to distance & time of transportation
  • Loss of quality during transit
  • High transportation costs
  • Hard to determine correct quantity, resulting in more debris and waste.
  • Cannot change formulations once ordered.
  • Non-customizable density and strength (Example: Density 2400 g/cm3 = Strength 240 kg/cm2)