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GLC for Windows is a transparent film coating that can help reduce solar heat radiation penetration through glass windows. It’s designed to help improve the cooling performance and energy efficiency of buildings by stopping heat from entering or exiting through glass windows. It’s perfect in all climates, making it ideal for natural light to flow through the buildings environment which is perfect for energy efficiency needs. GLC will also protect the occupants from ultraviolet light which prevents sun fading of fixtures, carpeting and interiors.
How does solar energy affect glass?
    The process of solar heat radiation energy transfer from the sun through glass objects affects it in the following ways;
    1. Reflectance
    2. Absorption
    3. Transmittance
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Types of commercial insulating window products available in the market;
    Heat Insulation & Energy Efficient Material: GLC
    Transparent film coating can reduce sunray penetration through the glass.
    GLC can help making any room or office more comfortable and energy efficient.
    1. Improve the cooling performance by cutting heat from direct sunlight through windows.
    2. Blocks ultraviolet light and prevents sun fading, color changes and degradations.
    3. Reduce energy loss when using heaters by insulating windows.
Reduced Ultraviolet & Near-Infrared Light: GLC
  • Clear
  • Visible Light Transmission (85%)
  • Infrared Block Rate (>50%)
  • Accelerated Weather Test: SWOM 2000
glc-image glc-image glc-image